Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Paleo Restart | Review

Paleo Restart | Review

Before starting a good plan exercise you also should have a good diet. This Paleo diet was recommended b a good friend of mine at work.

An overview of what's included 

* All digital, works on mobile phones and tablets. I personally use it on my Ipad mini in the kitchen to follow the recipe easily while I cook.
* Private Dashboard with menu of the day and a Badge/Point system to help you feel motivated.

* Daily Meal Plan with an ingredient list breakdown. 

*A journal system where you can rate and comment on the recipes you have made that day. 

*An easy shopping list that deviates Meat/Veggie/Fruits. 

*Exclusive recipes that are tailored for low cost no fuss. I haven’t personally paid for more than $20 per meal to feed myself and my 2 boys. Plus a lot of the ingredients can be shared across recipes. 

*209 recipes that all have pictures and can easily be printed out of you don’t have a tablet or laptop for the kitchen. 

*The recipes capitalizes on feeding 1-4 people. So if your family is larger than that you might have to double up. 

One of the main features that caught my attention is if you’re allergic to Eggs, Nuts, Nightshades or shellfish they have recipes that have you covered. I myself am allergic to nuts. 

There’s not any cons I can talk about. I’ve tried over 30 recipes so far. 5 of them weren’t for me. 

But that’s with any cookbook. 

As with all diet plans it’s up toe'er YOU to stick with it and change your way of eating.  For me it wasn’t that hard because most of the recipes I’ve tried are delicious and my kids seem to clean their plate almost every night.  

I did notice before I started eating healthier I would get a really bloated stomach after dinner and after about the 2 week mark with this diet I didn’t seem to get that anymore.  

60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like it. 

I’ve found a link for $12 off. If you would like to learn more about this product check it out here  
                             CHECK IT OUT!

Paleo Restart | Review reviewed by Petsy Anthony